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Education at DPSS-Ameenpur is an integrated process with a flexible curriculum that takes into account the heterogeneity of the learner and learning styles. Emphasis is laid on acquiring linguistic & logical ability and nurturing multiple intelligences by adopting innovative methods to stimulate interest and attention among the children. This opens up pathways to a holistic and harmonious development of the young learners.

  • For NURSERY , PP-I and PP-II Timing: 8:30 a:m to 12:30 p:m (Monday to Friday)
  • Faculty-Student Ratio: 1:15 (2 teachers for a class of 25 to 30 students along with 1 helper)
  • Access to Digitally Equipped Classrooms to make teaching and learning more effective.
  • The Pre-Primary wing also has a dedicated team of well qualified teachers, physical education, coaches a special educator and soft-skill trainers.

Education is knowledge imbued with wisdom and ethics which mould the behaviour and personality of the students. The focus on value education still remains strong in DPSS_Ameenpur.The children imbibe the essential qualities of honesty, fair play, empathy, courage, integrity, compassion, loyalty and courtesy through morning assemblies, celebration of festivals and day-to-day interaction with the teachers. The effort is to guide the children towards appropriate behaviour and development of a strong character. The major strategies are as under:

  • Importance of values are kept in mind while preparing and designing lessons.
  • Day begins with morning assembly – where prayers, rhymes, exercises and celebration of special days are conducted.
  • Topic of the day begins with Circle time / Carpet time. Moving on to the daily snacks time where cleanliness, hygiene and manners are focused.
  • The story time at the end of the day has a moral for each story that is told.
  • Activity Based: Child-friendly activities
  • Creative Art & Craft activities
  • Puppets: Use of puppetry to conduct classes
  • Songs, Rhymes
  • Excursions
  • Competitions ( Patriotic song,solo-dance,Tell-a-tale,fancy dress)
  • Outdoor activities: Games, swings, Ball Pool,sandpit.
  • Stage activities: Dancing, Enacting, Rhymes, Skits
  • Events are conducted every month with the involvement of parents.

We equip children with the following skills and design our activities to promote them:

  • Classification skills
  • Conversational skills
  • Drawing conclusion
  • Experimenting
  • Identifying patterns
  • Motor skills
  • Social behavior
  • Observation and recognition skills
  • Observing and relating skills
  • Ordering and sequencing
  • Sorting and classifying
  • Logical Reasoning skills
  • The Pre-Primary Wing of DPSS-Ameenpur has Nursery and Kindergarten classes ( Kindergarten 1 and Kindergarten 2).
  • ‘The innovative curriculum for the Pre-Primary’ published by the Council for Educational and Professional Services (CEPS) is in use with the objective of reinforcing values, concepts, ideas, skills and activities.
  • We follow the schedule and programs with a fair amount of flexibility. Changes are made from time to time as demanded by the environment and the emerging situations in the classroom.
  • The little ones are graded regularly on the basis of participation and performance in class activities.
  • Areas of growth and development: Physical, Language, Personal, Emotional, Social, Intellectual/ Cognitive, Aesthetic Development, etc.

Letters (A–Z) are introduced for the sake of recognition of letters and correct pronunciation (phonetically).


Alongwith capital and small letters (Aa-Zz), children are introduced to two and three letter words in the third semester. Child’s English pronunciation and written representation is given more attention.


Children are taught more of phonetics and sight words at this level.Emphasis is laid more on reading and writing three letter words and sentences.cursive handwriting is introduced in the third semester.


Nursery: Develops child’s ability to recognise and write basic numbers (1 – 9).

In PPI, numbers are added (1 – 50) are covered. The concept of premath such as big/small, more/less, etc. with a clear perspective of basic shapes and colours is taken up.

In PPII, numbers uptil (1-100) are taught alongwith the number names from (1-20),pre-math concepts,basic shapes,3D shapes,primary colours,secondary colours are covered. After numbers,before numbers,between numbers,skip counting of 2’s,5’s,10’s is emphasized alongwith the addition and subtraction of single digit.


Awareness about environment and child’s perspective towards Self, School, Family, Cleanliness, Good Manners, Fruits, Flowers, Vegetables, Home, Birds, Animals, Water, Our Helpers, Seasons, Country, National Symbols, Festivals, etc. is highlighted.

Hindi/Telugu as a second language

From Class KG2 onwards: Begins with recognition of letters, pronunciation and use in the form of simple words and sentences.

  • Understanding concepts
  • Vocabulary enhancement

Extracurricular activities positively impact other areas of a student’s school life. They enhance imagination, productivity, stress relief, team work and social skills. The activities have been carefully chosen to develop logical thinking, creativity, active listening, communication, strategy, leadership, physical stamina, and motor and coordination skills. The curriculum has been designed to give each student the opportunity to participate in all the extracurricular activities. We ensure that we provide ample encouragement and guidance to our students during these activities.

  • Art and Craft
  • Physical exercise
  • Dance
  • Life skill program
  • Audio visual projections of stories